12 best waxes for cars

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September 1, 2021
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September 2, 2021

12 best waxes for cars

The wax does not need to be left on the surface for a long time, otherwise whitish stains may remain after rinsing. Wax formulations help protect the LCP from damage and disguise already available small defects. Dust does not settle, water does not linger on the paintwork, dirt is washed off easier than usual. GraSS Fast Wax Pros: Minuses: Bullsone nano-formula polishes the surface to a mirror finish.

But the price of such formulations is high, and processing requires a lot of time and effort. It is better to apply wax with gloves. You can apply wax by hand or with a machine.

Pros: The car body becomes smooth and shiny. You can apply wax manually without a polishing machine – the composition is easily rubbed with a regular sponge, which comes with the tool. The wax is produced in a convenient format: a 500 ml bottle is equipped with a fine dispersion spray gun.

However, it forms a short-lived covering, which is erased after one or pair of washes. With subsequent washes, dirt is removed much more easily. One package is enough for 15 treatments of a passenger car. Horse Liquid Wax is an inexpensive but effective tool that is suitable for those who like to wash their car on their own.

Pros: Synthetic polymers bond tightly to the paintwork and provide reliable protection. Liquid wax is easy to apply and inexpensive. After treatment for a week, the anti-rain effect remains, and dust and dirt do not stick to the car. So, one bottle allows you to get from 50 to 100 liters of finished wax.

There is a scale on the container that allows you to accurately measure the consumption and the remainder of the product. The result is a smooth, glossy surface. 3M Synthetic Wax Protectant 39030 The special Wax It Wet formula allows the application of a wax coating on a wet car. Synthetic Wax Protectant liquid wax polish is suitable for cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other equipment of any color.

With its help, the wax is distributed evenly and economically consumed. Car owners note that the wax is easy to apply and gives excellent results. The high pressure washer removes the agent easily. Minimal wax consumption. 300 ml cans are enough for 3-4 applications.

There is no need to wipe the car after processing. After polishing, the water rolls off the surface and does not leave streaks, dust and dirt do not settle on the body for several weeks. Pros: Car owners note that the effect is visible even longer – for many, the wax stays on the surface for up to 5 months.

Bullsone Nano Tech Wax is found mainly in specialized points with goods for detailing. It is evenly poured over the body, the solution is left for a few minutes and washed off. It is convenient to dispense liquid with the help of a small hole.

The composition has antistatic properties – does not allow dirt and dust to settle on the machine. Horse 'Liquid Wax' There is a feeling that the car is doused with liquid glass. Liquid wax GraSS Fast is designed for non-contact application. Bullsone Nano Tech Wax for colored cars Wax is sold in a translucent container with a volume of 1 or 5 liters.

The color becomes deeper and more pronounced. The resulting film protects the body from exhaust gases https://cars45.com/listing/volkswagen/touareg, precipitation, chemicals and UV rays. It is used to update the main protective layer of paintwork. The concentrated composition is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:50. The composition is easily rubbed and removed from the paintwork.

Wax for car The composition creates a durable 3-layer coating of fluoroplastic, silicone and wax, which retains protective and decorative properties for 3 months. The product is sold in bottles of 473 ml made of dark plastic. Minuses: But the coating can withstand only 1-2 washes, then you need to repeat the procedure. Pros: If the composition gets on the skin, the pungent unpleasant odor on the fingers will last throughout the day.

The super concentrated composition is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:50 to 1: 100. A thin film remains on the paintwork, which protects it from precipitation and gives the body shine. The composition is easily removed – no plaque or streaks.

12 best waxes for cars


p>Every day the body of the car is subjected to different impacts: scratched and covered by microcracks. The remaining film protects the paintwork from salts, dust and temperature changes. Minuses: It is difficult to buy it in regular stores.

Minuses: Liquid Wax removes water by itself, ensuring quick drying of the body. The composition does not lose its properties even when using hard water. After processing, the surface becomes smooth to the touch, and the color is deeper. Turtle WAX ​​Wax It Wet A synthetic polymer-based product designed for quick application to cars.

Minuses: Hard wax refers to durable coatings that typically last at least six months. Small scratches and cobwebs practically disappear. 2 liters of mixture is enough to process a class B car.

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